Sunday, February 13, 2011

Back from the yarn grave

I was feeling guilty/bad about my artistic output these last couple of years since I started knitting. I haven't painted or touched clay in quite a while. The new kiln remains a virgin. However, when I did an analysis of my knitting photos and crunched some numbers, my output for the last 36 months is kinda impressive, even if I do say so myself:

Dishcloth/washcloth/kitchen towel: 28

Medieval bags: 14

Hats: 10

Fingerless mitt pairs: 7

Cowl-scarves: 3

Long rectangular scarves: 3

Headbands: 3

Baby blankets: 2

Triangular shawls: 2

One sock.:-)

One sushi shaped catnip toy. :-)

Also 3 crocheted potholders and one crocheted bathmat.

Currently on the needles are a custom-designed medieval bag and my First Scarf project that's been languishing since I've been doing all this other stuff. That's it up above in the picture though it's about 4' long now.

Somewhen I'm going to make a hat and mitts for myself. :-) and that promised 12th Night prezzie that's still in the percolation phase.


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