Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Yarn makes cats crazy

Bear with me on this leap. Yarn makes my cats crazy. Not just because they can't play with the "string" (...see that shoelace, Sparky, that's your string, this here $45/skein silk is my string...) but because Flexall 454 makes my alpha kitty insane. Like catnip-on-acid insane.

With the help of some good friends (cough, enablers) I learned how to knit in December. Spent January messing up samples, er, perfecting my craft. Finally knocked out my first piece, a recreation of a medieval pouch in late February (see pic).

Now I've got knitter's elbow. so I used some ointment. Flexall is so potent it makes my eyes water, but for aches and pains (like my "old embroidery injury" which is the back strain I did at July Coronation 1994 which ocassionally acts up during serious bouts of sewing and/or camping) it really helps.

The problem is Ramona thinks the stuff is candy. I hid it from her the last time I used it and in the process inadvertantly hid it from myself. I spent the weekend wandering around moaning about my elbow until I found the stuff a little while ago. Now the darned cat is sitting on the computer desk snoofing my elbow and trying to get me to sit still. She wants to eat the stuff and it can't be good for a cat's insides so I keep shooing her away. No such luck.

But now my elbow feels better at least so back to the Obligatory First Scarf project.